About Us


HALO Maritime Defense Systems was founded in 2008 with a vision: to protect vital assets by extending physical security to the waterside.

Today, HALO Maritime Defense Systems works with governments to secure Naval ships and bases, ports, and airports. HALO Maritime Defense Systems helps energy companies secure rigs, refineries, FPSO vessels, nuclear power plants, LNG tankers, and other waterside facilities.

Strategic and critical asset owners and operators come to HALO realizing that Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) is no longer sufficient alone. Physical systems must be deployed as part of a layered defense along with conventional electronic and operator dependent systems. HALO's maritime security solutions provide, for the first time, Maritime Domain Control (MDC).

HALO has assembled a team of dedicated, innovative individuals whose ethic and expertise is unmatched in the industry. With a management team comprised of leading executives from industry and military, HALO has the ability to advise and execute substantial security initiatives.

From creative use of advanced materials suitable to the marine environment, to detailed mooring analysis and hydrodynamic studies, no other company ensures the sustainability of ocean-deployed and harbor-side structures more vigorously than HALO.

When it comes to protecting high-value, high-sensitivity waterborne assets, why settle for less?

Advanced Engineering

HALO's forward thinking approach to waterside security has exclusively taken the lessons learned from legacy products and developed systems for the 21st century. Our team of engineers and security specialists have decades of first-hand knowledge of the unique requirements waterside security solutions demand.

HALO Maritime Defense Systems has been issued 18 patents for Advanced Waterside Security Solutions:

HALO has 32 patents pending to further advance the overall security, safety, and integration of marine barrier and gate systems:

Product Deployment

HALO Maritime Defense Systems has deployed our defensive barrier and gate systems to customers internationally.

Triton with remote monitoring system, Atlantic Ocean

Triton with remote monitoring system, Atlantic Ocean

HALO has deployed defensive barrier solutions and automatic retractable gates in some of the most demanding locations and for the most discerning companies and organizations in the world.

HALO's team is ready to meet your waterside security requirements. Contact us today to find out how we can help: