HALO's FORTRESS™ Automatic Gate Controls are the link between HALO's port security solutions and port control operators and officers.

The FORTRESS™ Automatic Gate Control is a hardware and software package that unifies the various electronic, software, sensors, and electro-motive equipment into a cohesive control system.


The FORTRESS™ AGC hardware is extremely robust and supports flexible power requirements. The FORTRESS™ control hardware can be matched to customer's existing infrastructure.

Marine hardened environmental controls are included with every FORTRESS AGC system to allow continuous operation in temperatures up to 50°C.

FORTRESS™ Features

Electro-motive Controls

  • Regulated gate control tensions - Optimized, application tailored, system sizing reduces operating costs and boosts overall system efficiency and performance.
  • Electronic braking system - Electronic back-tension and brake system reduces maintenance and simplifies operation.
  • Optional power regeneration - Further reduces system operating costs.

System Architecture

  • Unifies sensor data - Provides operators with precise sea-gate and tow line positions and tensions. As well as supervisory monitoring of third party systems.
  • Self-Monitoring - Continuously monitors system components and processor status for rapid alerting of system warnings and alarms.

Human-Machine Interfacing

  • Continuous system monitoring - Rapidly alerts operators of abnormal conditions.
  • Flexible control interfaces - Local and Remote operator controls.
  • Optional local operator hand-held wireless control - Provides easy local control and allows operators and maintainers to remain shipboard.
  • Operational Overview - Compiles and displays system status and alerts to operators locally and remotely, allowing them to make informed decisions about gate operations and system status.
  • Situational Awareness - Operators know the status of the gate at any time. Combined with closed circuit camera systems, greatly improves overall situational awareness.

Integrations and Communications

  • Flexible field bus - Integrates into existing port or marina controls.
  • "COTS" networking hardware- Communication over commercially available off-the-shelf Ethernet hardware.
  • Optional secure wireless mesh networking - Flexible installation options where routing cables or fiber-optics is difficult or impossible.
  • Third Party Integrations - Fully integrates new and existing detection systems into the operator interface including:
    • HD Security Cameras
    • Thermal Imaging Cameras
    • Remote Mount Infra-Red Illuminators
    • High Amplitude Loud Speaker and Audible Deterrent Systems
    • Radar Base Threat Detection
    • Mid-Range Perimeter Detection and Surveillance Radar
    • Wireless Mesh Network Nodes
    • Remote Solar Power Stations
    • Other Third Party Sensor Packages

Flexible fieldbus apility allows FORTRESS™ automated gate controls to be integrated with just about anything.

Optional Wireless Mesh Networking is available for FORTRESS™ installations where traditional wired solutions are difficult or impossible.


  • Closed-loop environmental controls allow continuous system operation at up to 50° C.
  • Application Ingress Protection IP65 - IP69k.
  • Rugged construction with marine compatible materials and coatings.

FORTRESS™ Integrations

FORTRESS™ flexible control architecture allows it to integrate with many third party systems. FORTRESS™ is the hub between your port or marine access control system and automatic port security gates.

  • Access Control Systems including RFID, Biometric, and PIN.
  • Centralized Credential Repositories, local or cloud based.