October 27, 2019

Royal Bahrain Naval Force & HALO

The HALO Maritime team was honored to host Commodore Mohammed Yousif Al Asam, Commander of the Royal Bahrain Naval Force, in our stand at the Bahrain International Defense Expo and Conference [BIDEC]. Pictured below is Commodore Al Asam discussing waterside barrier security technology with HALO senior executives: Eric Johnson, CEO; Brendan Gray, COO; and Luke Ritter, VP of Business Development.

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LinkedIn Kuwait Oil and Gas Directory - October 16, 2019

Halo to exhibit barrier system at Adipec

US-based Halo Maritime Defense Systems (HMDS) will exhibit its revolutionary new barrier system at the upcoming Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference in the UAE capital.

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Washington Times - October 13, 2019

Supporting peace and security in the Arabian Gulf

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an important U.S. ally in the fight to combat terrorism. We oppose Iranian regime aggression and work with our partners to maintain the free-flowing exchange of goods worldwide. That is why Bahrain is hosting a highly anticipated international maritime security summit later this month in which its partners will further strengthen their capacity to support peace and security in the Arabian Gulf and in the rest of the world.

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NH Business Review - August 15, 2019

Inc. 5000 features NH companies with sizable gains

Twenty New Hampshire companies have been named to Inc. magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

Halo Maritime Defense Systems, a security firm in Newton that designs and manufacturers waterside physical barriers to protect maritime assets, ranked No. 1789 with 228% three-year growth and $8.4 million in 2018 revenue. Founded in 2008, the company has 14 employees.

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Research and Markets - June 5, 2016

Analyst Q&A: Strategic Defence Intelligence

Strategic Defence Intelligence (SDI) is a real-time business research portfolio offering stream of continuously updated customer and competitor intelligence, as well as detailed research reports providing an unrivalled source of global information on the latest developments in the defense industry.

SDI’s dedicated research and analysis teams consist of experienced professionals with an industry background in marketing, market research, consulting and advanced statistical expertise. SDI offer value-added market research, insight and strategic analysis and research products to help companies to make better, more informed, strategic and tactical sales and marketing decisions.

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ME Newsline - March 23, 2016

GCC Examines Maritime Security

ABU DHABI [MENL] -- The Gulf Cooperation Council has been briefed on Western equipment meant to bolster maritime and port security.

A U.S. company has been marketing a platform meant to protect ports of the six GCC countries. Halo Maritime Defense Systems introduced Guardian Marine Gate, developed since 2014 with the U.S. Navy and meant to stop insurgency strikes.

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CTTSO - February 9, 2016

CTTSO Recognizes Next Generation Port Security Barrier

Waterside security is one of the Chief of Naval Operations’ priorities for force protection. The current Port Security Barrier (PSB) is part of a class of barriers referred to as net-capture or Type I barriers. Fleet experience with this PSB design has yielded recommendations for a next generation Type II barrier. Through CTTSO, the Navy is testing and evaluating a commercial-off-the-shelf water barrier system manufactured by HALO Maritime Defense Systems that provides increased protection against small boat attacks in a reduced footprint and at a lower lifecycle cost.

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NHBR, New Hampshire Business Review - December 25, 2015

Doing business in Dubai

Three innovative New Hampshire companies made the nearly 7,000-mile trip to the United Arab Emirates, earlier this month, to take part in the 2015 Dubai Airshow, the international showcase of aerospace and defense technologies.

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Eagle Tribune - June 10, 2015

Letter: Ayotte supports a strong defense

HALO Maritime Defense Systems is a Newton-based company, which builds cutting-edge maritime barriers that protect naval bases and critical infrastructure from terrorist attacks. This past month, we installed a HALO gate at an Israeli naval base, offering ease of access while also providing unparalleled security. HALO is also implementing an environmental test which could result in significant contracts with the federal government.

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Marine Link - September 25, 2014

Evolving Threats Met by Market Innovation

A look at commercial off-the-shelf technologies and products designed to mitigate risk at sea and in port.

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February 17, 2014

Stopping Power: maritime security barrier for sea-port protection

Advanced technology rules the day in modern warfare—yet one very real threat to the U.S. Navy comes from a simple but deadly enemy strategy: small speedboats laden with explosives ramming into ships in harbor.

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ONR, Office of Naval Research - January 20, 2014

US ONR develops new barrier technology to protect ships in harbour

The US Navy's Office of Naval Research (ONR) and Halo Maritime Defense Systems have jointly developed a new maritime security barrier to protect warships in harbour.

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ONR, Office of Naval Research - January 15, 2014

Stopping Power: Barrier Technology to Boost Protection at Navy Ports

ARLINGTON, Va.—Advanced technology rules the day in modern warfare—yet one very real threat to the U.S. Navy comes from a simple but deadly enemy strategy: small speed boats laden with explosives ramming into ships in harbor. Now a new maritime security barrier, developed with support from the Office of Naval Research(ONR), could provide a quantum leap in existing sea-port protection.

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August 25, 2010

A Sea Change in Maritime Security

Protecting shoreside facilities from seaborne threats is a challenging task that requires innovative solutions. Paul Jensen of Halo Maritime Defense Systems explains how the company is pioneering a new approach that will help oil and gas producers take control of the water.

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Naval Systems - August 25, 2010

Naval Systems Supplier Information

HALO Maritime Defense Systems (HMDS) is developing the most state-of-the-art, technology-advanced Maritime Security Barrier Systems to protect strategic maritime assets like ports, naval bases, oil and gas facilities and other commercial and sensitive maritime assets. Ocean-ready and formidable, HALO™ is not a line of demarcation but rather a stable deterrent that effectively denies access to vital maritime assets. Combined with Visual Deterrents, Surveillance & Imaging Systems, Non-Lethal Deterrents, and Remote Weapons Systems, HMDS offers for the first time an elegant and yet highly effective solution to the extraordinarily complex problem of maritime security.

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