HALO SENTINEL® catamaran style structure maximizes stopping ability by providing redundant impact nets.

The SENTINEL® Static Defensive Barrier is designed to protect vulnerable passages and critical assets against multi-vessel attacks by offering multiple rows of impact mitigating structure, interchangeable components, and a high level of redundancy. Sentinel can reduce the threat of incursion from small boat attacks to near zero by sealing off protected areas.

The SENTINEL SDB structure absorbs impacts by transferring kinetic energy into the water captured between the catamaran style walls. The barrier is designed to deform quickly and keep physical reaction forces low. The resulting kinetic energy of a vessel strike is transferred through the modules and into the water, giving the system a higher energy-absorbing capacity and significantly increasing survivability over legacy rigid barriers.


SENTINEL® Performance Specifications

Parameter SI ** USC **
Freeboard (height off water) 2.6 m 8.5 ft
Beam (width) 4.6 m 15 ft
Maximum Kinetic Energy Capability * > 6,779 kJ * > 5,000,000 ft-lbf
US NAVY Specified Threat Boats Stopped >99.99%
Post Impact Displacement 3.0 m 9.8 ft
Meets or Exceeds United States Navy Requirements
Structurally Intact Post Impact
Maintains Protection Against Followup Attacks

* maximum kinetic energy customizable to customer needs. Please contact us for details.
** International System of Units (Système international d'unités) and United States Customary Units

MIL-STD-810G Environmental Engineering Considerations and Lab. Tests

United States Military Standard that emphasizes tailoring an equipment's environmental design and test limits to the conditions that it will experience throughout its service life, and establishing chamber test methods that replicate the effects of environments on the equipment rather than imitating the environments themselves. The MIL-STD-810 test series are approved for use by all departments and agencies of the United States Department of Defense (DoD).*

SENTINEL® Integrations

The SENTINEL® SDB can be fully integrated with existing third-party port security barrier systems or other HALO® port security solutions.