​Engineering Services

When you need to determine the right security solution for your specific maritime challenges, our engineers are on-call to provide analysis, design, and logistics support.

HALO offers a comprehensive engineering support services portfolio to complement our marine barrier solutions. We employ the latest Finite Element (FE) Analysis tools and techniques to mitigate waterborne threats and optimize your security posture.

Our engineers have extensive experience in the marine environment. We can assist you in determining the right solution for your unique challenges. From near-shore challenges to offshore environments, the HALO Engineering Team can design, develop, and install your optimal barrier solution.

Our marine and ocean engineering team provide these services to meet your engineering support needs:

  • Static and Dynamic FE Modeling & Analysis
    • Large displacement finite element analysis
    • Small displacement finite element analysis
    • Marine structure and fatigue analysis
  • Engineering Design Services
    • CAE/CAD product development
    • Marine equipment sizing
    • Results validation for flexible structures
  • Site Planning and Layout
    • Site inspections and recommendations
    • Construction drawings
    • Logistics support
  • Data Collection and Environmental Monitoring