Maintenance & Operations

If your organization prefers to have a third party manage, care for, and repair your barrier system, HALO can provide operations and maintenance support for the full product lifecycle.

HALO engineers and technicians possess a detailed understanding of the maritime environment. From deep water swells to short period chop, from near-shore installations to open ocean, HALO can provide maintenance and operations support tailored to your barrier installation.


HALO provides support for repairs outside of the standard warranty coverage following installation and acceptance. The options outside the standard warranty include:

  • 24/7 hotline for technical support.
  • Additional training sessions for operators/maintenance personnel as required.
  • Post-installation System Operational Verification Tests (SOVT) for system enhancements or modifications.
  • Access to HALO web-based ticketing system for service, information, or training requests. HALO will train end users on how to request assistance.


The HALO operations team provides full project lifecycle support. Using its core team, and expert partner network, HALO backs all phases of your security initiative

  • Pre-Project - A project begins with a concept and a security solution requirement. In order to establish the baseline strategy that will guide all follow-on phases, it is important to determine the intended profile for the barrier solution.
  • Planning and Design - Requirements can be fully defined and prepared by HALO experts, including sub-contractor selection. Once the baseline analysis is completed (site surveys, threat assessment, etc.), operational objectives will be clearly identified and defined. The output from the planning and design phase is a Project Plan.
  • Project Implementation - Cost estimates are converted to project budgets, and a plan for tracking actual project cost and delivery milestones is developed. Metrics are established to track implementation. Top-level deliverables, milestones, and test criteria are driven by the Project Plan.
  • Operations Support - HALO Support ensures that actions are taken to optimize barrier performance. HALO can operate your barrier if that model is preferred. HALO will ensure that the installed features comply with security requirements, and are aligned with the client's operational features and functions established in the Concept of Operations (CONOPS).
  • Performance Monitoring - Audits may be required to ensure that the barrier is optimized to mitigate relevant risks. Policies and procedures should be regularly reviewed and updated to assure that best practices are employed and the barrier system performance is aligned with the desired output.
HALO can provide maintenance and operations support tailored to your barrier installation.