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HALO Maritime Defense Systems (HMDS) offers unique and proprietary MARITIME SEA BARRIER SOLUTIONS to secure critical assets vulnerable to boat or diver attacks. In a security-conscious world, both government assets – Navy Bases, Navy Ships in Hostile Territories, Airports, Coast Guard Boats and Facilities – and private assets – Ports, LNG Terminals, LNG Tankers, Nuclear Facilities, Oil Rigs and Facilities, Desalination Plants, Pipelines, Palaces, and Cruise Ships– have a Real, Immediate, and Critical Need for high levels of protection that is currently unfulfilled.

HALO® is specifically designed as a Sea Barrier Defense System. Its composites are designed to withstand any sea state, and also withstand the corrosive nature of salt water with zero disruption to the environment.  Its Impact Displacement and Self-Righting Design not only allows it to handle high impact incidents, but to do so and remain intact, ready for a secondary impact.

The stability of the HALO® structure in any sea state, as well as the modular design, allows HALO® to address specific security concerns, and also be part of an integrated security solution. HMDS can mount cameras on top, which transmit live images to a remote location, drop netting to the sea floor to prevent diver attacks, provide sonar underneath HALO® and incorporate any other deterrent, including lighting, sensors, and audible deterrents.

HMDS has also designed a FULLY AUTOMATED MARINE GATE SYSTEM. The patented HALO GUARDIAN® and HALO ORION® GATES can span breakwater-to-breakwater or pier-to-pier openings or openings in existing barrier systems or barrier systems installed by HMDS, offering for the first time full or partial-opening access to marine assets at the push of a button - no boat-assist, no man-in-the-loop, no connecting or disconnecting anything in the water.

HALO® MARINE BARRIERS are the Only sea barriers on the market today rigorously tested by the US NAVY and the results INDEPENDENTLY verified. 

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HALO Maritime Defense Systems

HALO Maritime Defense Systems

Marine Security Barriers Port Security Barriers Port Security Barriers

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Marine Security Barriers - Port Security Barriers - Water Security