Solving shallow water and deep ocean engineering challenges

​HALO Marine Engineering

Engineering Expertise in The Marine Environment, Waterside Security Barriers, and Life Cycle Cost Reduction for Marine Systems.

From saltwater near shore harbors to deep ocean moored systems, you will get comprehensive engineering expertise

HALO offers a team of engineers with extensive experience in marine system integration, mooring systems, corrosion control, maintenance systems, and more. Building waterside security barriers using a wide range of materials has given our team the knowledge to solve your challenges. Recent work in the offshore wind industry is moving HALO Engineering to develop more deep-water expertise in this challenging environment. We are not “building” a team; it’s already in place and ready to solve your deep-water marine engineering problems for industries such as Wind Farms, Oil and Gas, Deep Water ROV Support structures, and more.

HALO Has Expertise In:

  • Metallurgy
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Shallow and deep-water mooring system design and analysis
  • System integration with mechanical and C4I systems
  • Mechanical system design
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Environmental engineering and permitting support
  • Site planning and analysis
  • Impact and crash analysis and design
  • Marine equipment specifications and sizing for projects
  • In situ sensor design, integration, and validation for waterside security
  • Construction drawings and Bill of Materials
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Fiber Optic Requirements and Communication Design
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Support
  • Prototyping, 3-D Printing and Injection Mold Design
  • Site Acceptance Test and Commissioning Support
  • Industrial Control Design
  • Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Support Services
  • Deployment and Field Testing of Marine Systems
  • Mechanical and Electrical Drawings

Need help choosing the right barrier for your maritime infrastructure?

Let’s chart a course to meet your safety and security requirements.

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Because waterside barriers span a wide range of engineering disciplines, our team can solve most shallow water and deep ocean engineering mechanical challenges.

You get a multi-disciplinary team that can solve individual project challenges or provide you a turnkey solution from design to installation and ongoing support.

Material selection for shallow deep water security barrier systems is a careful balance of strength, corrosion resistance, ease of maintenance for lower life cycle costs, initial purchase costs including fabrication and installation. Our barrier systems have proven themselves in the field to have significantly lower life cycle costs than all the competing systems and have the performance to be the only waterside barrier system to have passed a full set of operational validation tests. Looking at total system life cost and performance capability, there is no doubt that HALO’s engineering team is the best in the business.

With the recent emphasis on offshore wind as an energy source, HALO is working on projects with the deep water mooring and support structures for these wind farm installations. The offshore environment is even more challenging with its deep water, currents, storm design considerations, and more engineering challenges. Bring us your tough challenge and let HALO engineer a solution for you.