Retractable Defensive Barrier (RDB)

Maritime Retractable Security Barriers from HALO

Retractable security barriers to protect high value waterfront assets are important for usability, flexibility, and future growth potential.

HALO’s Guardian system has integrated gate systems that are automatic or manual with either local push button or remote-control operation.

Secure Access Control

For any waterside security barrier system that is protecting ships or other mobile assets, a gate system is essential. Gate systems must:
  • Be reliable
  • Be easy to operate
  • Be safe in the adverse weather conditions
  • Maintain the crash proof integrity or other security requirements of the barrier
  • Affordable to maintain with long times between maintenance to not reduce availability of the system
  • Not significantly increase the initial purchase price of the system
  • Operate quickly enough to not restrict the rapid deployment of the maritime assets it protects and minimize vulnerable “open” time

Gates & Security Designed for YOUR Facilities

Even maritime security barrier systems that are protecting non-mobile high value assets often need easy to operate retractable gate components. Any of these facilities might need access for security boats, maintenance barges with tugs, ships, and other repair vessels.

  • Nuclear and other Power Plants
  • Commercial Maritime Ports and Terminals
  • Desalinization Plants
  • Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Restricted Waterways
  • Security Exclusion Zones
  • High-Profile Government Facilities
  • Special Events and Entertainment Venues

Custom Engineered, Manufactured For Tough Conditions

Engineering a retractable gate for all the stringent operating requirements and for operation in the most severe marine environments is a real challenge. HALO’s team of experienced marine engineers with years of experience are there to support you for either a new design, a custom modification of one of our stock systems, or one of our stock solutions that have been proven in real life field installations.

Contact HALO today for any of your questions concerning maritime security barrier systems, including retractable gates.