Advanced Target Detection Alerting

UUV, Diver, and Underwater Security Barriers

UUV Barriers protect against an increasingly sophisticated and evolving security risk for all waterside high value targets.

The need for sensors, nets, weapons, and other underwater security barriers is steadily growing.

Underwater Barriers for security against UUVs, Divers, and manned submersibles are a growing response to the increasingly sophisticated threat combined with the easily accessible technology in the form of mini-submarines, diver assisted propulsion vehicles, and other underwater equipment.

Create a detection zone for target detection alerting

The technology for combating underwater threats to waterside high value targets has developed significantly since the submarine nets of WWII. One of the most promising technologies is the use of fiber optic sensors as part of an underwater net. The fiber optic sensors can be woven into a traditional net or can be the net itself, depending on the threat conditions. The fiber optic nets are typically manufactured in panels so that each panel can be a detection zone for target detection alerting.
Other sensors that have been employed underwater against the diver or UUV threats include acoustic sonar sensors, both passive and active, optics if lighting conditions permit, and magnetometers. Sensors and weapons can get exotic for the diver and UUV threat, but most installations need warning and localization to set other defense systems into use.

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Submarine nets were actually developed just before the start of World War I with the advent of new, very capable, submarines. The British design was quickly adopted and installed in most of the USA Atlantic Ocean naval ports. The technology to allow access for friendly ships to pass has been in operation for over 100 years. With this “technology” so well developed, it is readily available for new projects developed by HALO.

The use of nets and related sensors for the underwater marine environment dictates even more sophisticated ocean engineering by the design team, as well as for manufacturing and installation. When nets and underwater sensors are involved, the engineering challenges go up. The team at HALO has extensive expertise with underwater mooring systems and all aspects of ocean engineering needed to design and deploy a sophisticated underwater and surface port security barrier.

An added challenge when underwater components are added to a port security barrier are the SAFETY requirements that increase. Deployment and retrieval systems have to be 100% reliable and work in all weather conditions. Access gates need to be automated to make access quick and take the operators out of harm’s way.

Nets were extensively used in World Wars I and II. Thousands of miles of nets were deployed in harbors in the USA and Europe. That accomplishment is a testament to being serious about security and also recognized the seriousness of the submarine threat at that time. The same underwater threat is there today for high value waterfront areas where targets are vulnerable. HALO is ready to meet the challenge for your harbor security systems.