Complete Defensive Barrier Solution

Custom Barriers

HALO Maritime Defense Systems is the industry leader in maritime security gate systems and waterside security barriers.

HALO’s “Wall in the Water” products are modular, expandable, and flexible barriers designed to provide a complete defensive solution. Comprised of static barriers, and dynamic retractable gates, our systems displace high-energy impacts and remain intact and ready to defeat follow-on attacks.

Access Control

Establish and maintain a secure operational environment. Critical infrastructure facilities, located on the water, have a requirement to control access and mitigate threats. Proactively managing access is a key component of a comprehensive security strategy. HALO provides tailored solutions for any waterside perimeter challenge.

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Optimize your safety posture by using barrier technology. Waterside security barriers enforce safety control zones on the waterfront and can help achieve OSHA/APA compliance. Our experts work with you to evaluate requirements and identify barrier technologies that will have the greatest impact.

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Balance threat mitigation with expense management. Critical Infrastructure owners and operators, in the public and private sectors, must implement effective security measures while optimizing operations, and minimizing expenditures. We work with you to develop cost-effective barrier solutions that facilitate secure and efficient waterside operations.

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Security Support Services

Rely on the experts to optimize your security posture.

Some organizations lack the in-house expertise to address complex maritime security challenges. Our Security Support Services staff, and partners, work with critical infrastructure operators to design and implement security program improvements, continually evaluate security posture, and inform leadership decisions.

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