​Offshore Barrier for Maritime Security

From Demarcation to Sophisticated High Level Threat Monitoring, Offshore Barriers Engineered to Your Needs

Offshore floating barriers can help create demarcation barriers. They can be used to establish a security perimeter. Offshore barriers are an effective deterrent against terrorists and can also help prevent jet skis, boats and vessels from going onto an area.

HALO Maritime Defense Systems manufactures world-class offshore barriers for maritime security. Our marine barriers are certified by the US Department of Defense and the Center for Ocean Engineering at the University of New Hampshire. We are proud to announce that HALO’s next-generation barriers protect critical US Navy maritime infrastructure.

Because In-Field Failure is Not an Option

Every HALO offshore barrier undergoes rigorous testing before leaving our manufacturing facility. Our offshore barriers can be installed around ports, offshore drilling rigs and military installations to prevent accidents and avert terrorist attacks on critical assets.

Offshore Barriers Engineered To Protect Your High Value Maritime Assets

We have the experience and expertise required to develop an offshore barrier tailored to a client’s specific needs. When developing a product, our product designers try to think like the client, so they can understand their expectations, needs and concerns. By looking at things from our clients’ perspective, our designers are able to design offshore barriers that tick all the right boxes for them.

Offshore barriers are complex systems. Designing them requires specialized skills. Our engineers have spent years analyzing threats facing maritime infrastructure. They know how these threats can compromise the safety and security of maritime infrastructure and people managing them. They leverage their expertise, observations and accumulated knowledge to design barriers that provide comprehensive protection against these threats.

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Designed for the Harshest Maritime Environments

Our offshore barriers have robust, heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant anchoring or mooring systems designed to withstand wear and tear. With proper care and maintenance, our offshore barriers last years and perform flawlessly. Offshore barriers should be able to withstand strong winds or rough weather and sea storms can affect their structural integrity. We have experience designing for extreme environments. No wonder leading maritime companies and government bodies rely on us to meet their needs when it comes to protecting their maritime infrastructure.

Modular Design & Scalability Integrated with the Latest Monitoring Technology

Whether you need fixed or retractable barriers, manual or automatic barriers, or permanent or temporary barriers, we have got you covered. Our engineering team can tweak the design of a HALO barrier to suit your needs. At HALO Maritime Defense Systems, we are always on the lookout for process improvement opportunities. Our managers regularly revisit processes and workflows to identify and remove wasteful activities. This helps us reduce our manufacturing and operating costs and we are able to offer high quality products at competitive prices.