Controlled Waterfront Security

Access Control

Proactively controlling entry to your waterside perimeter is a key component of a comprehensive security strategy. HALO provides barrier solutions to facilitate and enhance access control procedures on the water.

In order to establish and maintain a secure operational environment, critical infrastructure facilities, that are located on the water, must be able to control their entire perimeter – landside and waterside. Controlling access is an essential element of security management. Walls and fences are routinely employed on landside perimeters to facilitate this function. Waterside barriers serve the same purpose in the water.

Fences, walls, gates, tire shredders, and other barriers are common on landside perimeters of sensitive facilities. HALO provides similar solutions for any waterside perimeter that needs to be managed. Designed and implemented with reliability and maintainability in mind, HALO barriers have been engineered to perform in the harsh marine environment, and require a minimum amount of maintenance.

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HALO access control solutions can contribute significantly to a comprehensive security strategy.

HALO Access Control Benefits

  • Proactively restrict access and control sensitive areas.
  • Reduce manned patrolling requirements.
  • Focus maritime traffic into security gates and checkpoints.
  • Provide demarcation for restricted zones and sensitive areas.
When properly implemented, HALO barriers enhance access control and support continuity of operations throughout your facility’s maritime area of operations.