​Floating Barriers for Waterside Security

Protecting Your Most Valued Maritime Assets with Engineered Floating Barriers

Protect Your Maritime Infrastructure

Simply put, floating barriers are designed to create a physical barrier in order to protect maritime infrastructure from intruding, drifting and malfunctioning vessels. They offer an almost instantaneous response time and can help reduce patrolling costs. HALO Maritime Defense Systems is a leading manufacturer of floating barriers. Our floating barriers can be installed in military facilities, nuclear power plants, ports, dams and LNG, oil production and transportation facilities.

Certified Protection, With a Low Life-time Cost

HALO floating barriers are reliable and cost less to install and maintain. Our floating barriers are the world’s only independently tested open ocean and near shore barriers. They are certified by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Center for Ocean Engineering at New Hampshire. These certifications provide our customers peace of mind. We have built a loyal clientele by offering floating barriers that provide comprehensive protection against maritime security threats. Several maritime businesses and the U.S. Navy have deployed our solutions at multiple sites to protect their critical maritime infrastructure. Our cost-effective waterside security solutions tick all the right boxes for our customers. Our world-class floating barriers meet the highest national and international quality standards. Every floating barrier undergoes numerous tests designed to check its durability and ability to work in harsh environments.

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Custom Designed and Engineered To Protect Your Maritime Assets

We can customize a solution to meet the client’s specific needs. If your maritime installation faces threats from submarines, we can add a submarine or diver net to your chosen waterside security solution.

We can also install automatic gates for safe ingress in unfriendly weather conditions or platforms for sensors and weapons after deployment. Every modular HALO floating barrier can be assembled on-site to specification.

Floating barriers are anything but simple devices. Developing the design of a floating barrier is not a straightforward process. Our designers have years of experience designing floating barriers for different types of maritime infrastructure. They have the expertise required to design floating barriers for site-specific situations. Their ability to accurately understand customer requirements and deliver a product that meets or exceeds their expectations sets them apart.

Quality Design & Materials from Paper to Protection

We have built a culture of continuous improvement. Our managers are always on the lookout for opportunities to reduce production costs without compromising quality. Reduced manufacturing costs is a win-win situation for us and our customers. Decreased manufacturing costs=improved bottom line. A healthy bottom line allows us to offer word class products at competitive prices.

Our robust floating barriers withstand strong currents, strong winds and violent storms. With proper care, HALO floating barriers retain their shape and perform flawlessly for years.