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Maritime Defense Systems

Protect your high-value, high-sensitivity waterborne assets with HALO.

HALO Maritime Defense Systems floating barriers and gates provide essential security to critical assets that are vulnerable to water-borne access.

Government, commercial, and private assets on the water have a critical need for protection from intrusion, destruction, or theft. HALO Maritime Defense Systems is uniquely qualified to provide maritime security solutions for the protection of naval bases, naval ships, LNG terminals and tankers, and other vulnerable resources.

HALO’s innovative security barriers, automatic gates, and waterway access control products are the best solution to your maritime security needs.

HALO maritime barrier systems are specifically designed as a complete defensive solution comprised of static components and dynamic retractable gates. The advanced composite design ensures survival in the harshest marine environments with no impact to the local ecosystem. Our barriers are designed to displace high energy impacts and remain intact and ready for potential follow-on attacks.

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