Defensive Barrier


A cost-effect, modular designed defensive barrier that allows end-users to employ the system in a variety of configurations.

Made for Your Site-Specific Security Barrier Needs

The HALO Defender is a cost-effect, value-offering barrier for challenging marine environments. Ideal for commercial and military applications, its modular design allows end users to employ the system in a variety of configurations and spacings, providing end users the ability to optimize the security solution based on their site-specific needs. This barrier is exceptional stable, ensuring that the system is up-right and on-station to meet your security needs.

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Modular Design with Multiple Configurations

The Defender system is manufactured from plastic, composite and stainless steel materials, reducing maintenance needs and ensuring a long service life. The barrier can support a fiber or stainless steel net capture system, eliminating threats from nuisance watercraft (jet skis) to state sponsored attack vessels. Lights, radar reflectors, and signage can be mounted using industry-wide, standard hardware. Defender can be fully integrated with existing third-party port security systems or other HALO waterside security barriers.

All of our HALO products are:

  • Capable of integrating oil abatement/containment systems.
  • Able to support third-party sensors (safety, security and environmental).
  • Marine mammal and environmentally friendly.
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HALO® barrier systems and platforms are a complete defensive solution comprised of static barriers and dynamic, retractable gates. Any valued asset on the water has a critical need for protection from intrusion, destruction, or theft. Our floating barriers and gates provide essential security to assets that are vulnerable to water-borne attacks.

  • Safety zones at shipyards, dams, and other industrial facilities
  • Recreational swimming venues
  • Hazards to navigation
  • Sensitive environmental zones
  • Boat ramps
  • Property lines


Height off water 2.3 m
Width (beam) 100 kg/m
Maximum Kinetic Energy Capability 813 kJ
Percentage of Boats Stopped 99%
ASTM F2766-11 Kinetic Energy Level Level C
Environment 2.3 m
Recommended Deployments
Access Control and Monitoring
Automatic Marine Gate
Manual Marine Gate
Static Defensive Barrier
Portable Defensive Barrier
Threat Type
Small Watercraft
Medium Watercraft
Large Watercraft