Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Fiber Security

An underwater intrusion detection system where any attempt to cut, lift, crawl under, climb over or pass through the FiberNet will result in detection.

FiberSensorTM Perimeter Intrusion Detection is a high performing, cost-effective security system designed for low to medium security risk installations. FiberSensor detects intrusion attempts at existing fence or palisade barriers by means of motion and vibration disturbance. To provide uniform detection and to enhance sensitivity, the sensor cable is attached to the existing fence by steel wire ties.

The World’s Most Effective Underwater Intrusion Detection System

The FiberNet technology is a uniquely structured fiber-optic system comprised of a fiber-optic woven net. Each FiberNet zone is comprised of a single woven fiberoptic cable. Coded infrared (IR) light is sent through the fiber-optic cable; a cut in the cable, breaking the light path, will trigger an alarm. The FiberNet is generally comprised of two uniquely structured sections of fiber-optic net, a lower section for cutthrough protection, and an optional upper outrigger section (FiberNet XL).

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