Maritime Security Barrier Mooring Systems

Mooring Systems

Mooring systems are critical to a wide range of maritime projects. HALO leverages its Port Security Barrier expertise to custom engineer, manufacture, and install custom mooring systems from harbors to deep ocean.

Mooring systems are a critical part of any maritime project that requires anchoring vessels or infrastructure to the sea bottom. Mooring custom engineering can range from simple harbor or river ship moorings to extremely complex deep ocean moorings for oil rigs, wind farm equipment, oceanographic systems and more. HALO has extensive experience with mooring system design, engineering, installation and maintenance.

Some of the complexities that must be considered in mooring systems are:

  • Anchor type selection and design
  • Strength analysis on all the mooring components
  • Flotation design to match the environmental extremes in the marine environment
  • Individual part selection from wire, chain, flotation and connecting hardware
  • Mooring length
  • Current and storm impacts on design
  • Corrosion effects over the life of the system
  • Component selection to maximize strength and minimize corrosion
  • Underwater metal paint treatment processes
  • Life cycle maintenance and cost analysis

Software tools are essential to model the current loading under nominal and extreme weather conditions. Fast currents add an extra degree of challenge for mooring systems because of the much higher loads and dynamic effects that are difficult to model correctly. HALO has the engineering team to make these predications as the design evolves.

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HALO has a very strong ocean engineering team that specializes in solving complex problems. You will get a team of multi-disciplinary engineers who can provide turnkey mooring system solutions for the near shore or offshore marine environments.

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Why Choose a Modular Mooring Platform?

HALO’s Modular Mooring Platform (MMP) provides three critical functions on the waterfront:

A stable platform ideal for monitoring equipment, sensors and other payloads

A safe environment for conducting gate operations

Stationkeeping for floating security systems

The MMP is comprised of corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel load bearing frames, modular, high density polyethylene foam filled flotation elements, non-slip decking and safety handrails. The system can be combined in multiple configurations to provide extra deck-space or payload capacity, as needed. The system employs standard mooring connections, allowing it to be integrated into existing barrier systems without the need to replace subsurface mooring components.

HALO® barrier systems and platforms are a complete defensive solution comprised of static barriers and dynamic, retractable gates. Any valued asset on the water has a critical need for protection from intrusion, destruction, or theft. Our floating barriers and gates provide essential security to assets that are vulnerable to water-borne attacks.