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Marine Custom Fabrication and Prototyping

We have years of hands-on experience in marine and underwater custom fabrication and prototyping.

HALO has deep expertise in marine and underwater custom fabrication and prototyping. In a wide variety of applications from our waterside security barrier systems to complex deep water moorings, we have the engineering, manufacturing, and installation experience from years of hands-on projects.

We specialize in metal fabrication of steel, stainless steels, marine aluminum alloys and more exotic metals. Coatings that can withstand the harsh marine environment are a particular strength of our team. Composites and plastic components are brought into our designs, when possible, because of their corrosion resistance while providing high strength in underwater applications. Wire and rope rigging is a cornerstone of our mooring systems so we can fabricate any lengths and strengths you need and rapidly deliver a finished underwater rigging assembly.

Projects in marine custom fabrication and prototyping include :

  • One-off projects for the US Navy to test barrier systems
  • Unique underwater mooring systems
  • Deep sea structural support systems (fabrication and engineering)
  • Industrial facilities waterside components
  • Underwater defensive systems
  • Port Security Barriers

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Coatings and cathodic protection are the key to protecting underwater systems of all kinds

Saltwater systems provide the harshest environment for metals. Coatings must protect the metal from general corrosion and minimize marine growth in many applications. HALO’s experience in this area means your systems will be coated with proven systems; our processes are proven in the field. The same expertise applies for zinc, aluminum, and magnesium anodes for cathodic protection. We have the engineering expertise to choose the right sacrificial metal, place it in the best location for protection, and engineer the design for easy replacement when needed.

Non-metallic structural components have a wide application in many of our custom fabrication and prototype systems

Components might include composites of all kinds, FRP, HDPE, phenolics, and plastics. Because these are not corrosive, usually float, and can be very high strength they are invaluable for parts of systems that are submerged. Where to use the right material is key to HALO’s reputation for high quality systems that are easy to maintain, provide great performance over a long period, and provide the lowest life cycle costs in the business.

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Whatever your need for underwater or marine custom fabrication or prototyping, consider HALO for your partner. We have extensive experience, can deliver prototypes fast, and will fabricate a custom system for you that works right the first time with a long service life.

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