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Lowering Life Cycle Cost for a Port Security Barrier

Utilize HALO’s maritime security barrier building expertise to calculate and minimize life cycle costs for your next port security barrier.

As Port Security Barriers become more common and are included in more infrastructure improvement programs with budgeting and planning, the issues of calculating and minimizing Life Cycle Costs become important.

As with other major investments, LCC (Life Cycle Cost) should be a primary input into the design and procurement decisions for these systems. Because they are usually deployed in hostile environments and expected to perform at the original design specifications for many years, controlling LCC can be a major challenge.

Engineering, Design & Manufacturing For Longevity & Durability

HALO has proven to have the engineering expertise and years of experience designing and deploying port security barriers (PSBs). We know you will need the best possible material selections to minimize preventive maintenance and downtime repairs for up to 20 years, often the expected life of these systems. Our engineers can guide you right up front in selecting the right stock port security barrier components or custom designing for your unique deployment with LCC in mind from the start.

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Key Considerations for Calculating Life Cycle Costs

Life Cycle Cost typically includes these seven cost categories, each discussed with port security barriers in mind.

Design Cost

Design costs can be a major part of the up-front investment if a stock system to meet your needs is not available. Even with choosing a stock system from HALO there is a design cost to match your unique specifications with the capabilities of our components. For custom designs, getting to the correct answer quickly can benefit from HALO’s years of designing, installing, and maintaining maritime security barriers all over the world. You won’t be paying a design team to learn on your investment.

Research and Development Cost

Because HALO has been investing in developing the most capable Port Security Barrier systems in the world and deploying them in the highest threat environments, our R&D costs for new custom systems will be significantly lower than our competition. Our engineering and project management teams are deep in technical knowledge of how barriers with even more sophisticated sensors, weapons, and integration capabilities can meet your needs.

Procurement Cost (Manufacturing Cost)

We have several Port Barrier Systems and components, like gates and mooring systems, already designed and built. Our vendors are ready to deliver now and there are low startup costs for most systems we deliver. We are already far down the learning curve for manufacturing our barrier parts. You benefit by having solved procurement issues on other systems and identifying the highest value suppliers available. Because we always have deliveries in progress, there is never a total shutdown of our manufacturing lines.

Delivery and Deployment Cost

Because barriers are bulky and heavy, delivery costs can be high. HALO has built efficient delivery and fast setup into our port security barrier system designed. Most of our systems can be transported over land by truck transportation with minimum added costs for wide or heavy loads. Once on site, our systems are typically assembled and fully deployed in a few weeks, not months like many other systems. The cost savings from having a proven delivery and deployment system can be huge.

Service and Warranty Cost

Most life cycle costs occur over the long life of a port barrier system. These can make the up-front design and manufacturing costs look minor in comparison. Even so, some customers will only look at the initial costs and depend on promises and estimates instead of a solid warranty and proven service procedures. HALO offers a range of warranty terms depending on the circumstances of the procurement. We are willing to stand behind our work and when you do need service, we will send experienced technicians to your site with parts in hand.

Preventive Maintenance and Repair Cost

Down time and loss of operational security coverage may be the highest life cycle cost of all. The fleet or facility operator cares about the waterside barrier system doing its job 24/7/365. Having a barrier which comes with proven preventive maintenance procedures and minimum repair costs when things do break will pay for itself many times over. These out-year costs are hard to predict and companies looking to sell a barrier quickly may gloss over the true costs. At HALO, we will work with you to identify all the needed PMS and be able to accurately estimate out-year repair costs, or even cover them under an extended warranty and service agreement. Your costs can be known, not a guess.

Disposal Cost

The last important life cycle cost to consider is the cost to remove, dismantle, and dispose of all the parts of your waterside security barrier system. Again, HALO considers these requirements and costs right up front in the design. There are no components in our systems that might incur high disposal costs. We can work with you to estimate disposal costs so you get the full life cycle cost (LCC) picture as part of your initial procurement.

We’re Ready to Build The Longest Lasting Barrier for Your Applications

In summary, at HALO we are very sensitive to identifying and minimizing life cycle costs of our systems. We want repeat customers who know our quality is built in, the systems last longer than our competitors, and you get proven operational performance at the lowest LCC possible.

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