Port Security Barriers (PSBs) for Sophisticated Multi-Faceted Threats

Integrated Technologies

Complete, advanced systems integrated to monitor for Surface and Subsurface, Manned and Autonomous, Ultramodern and Simple threats

HALO recognizes that threats are becoming more sophisticated; therefore, an effective waterside defensive system requires intelligent technology in a layered system to expand capabilities to effectively and quickly deter, detect, decide, and defeat threats.

Advanced Monitoring, Identification, and Alert Systems Keep Threats at Bay

Sonar, radar, camera, and assertive autonomous vehicles mounted on the HALO PSB physical barrier are now being integrated into existing port and security operations. This will provide a waterside barrier that will be constantly searching for potential threats, both above and below the water, with real-time C4ISR.

Equipped with intelligent technology, HALO is now the only company in the world with a broad range of products that can simultaneously detect a surface and subsurface threat and physically prevent that threat from penetrating the defensive perimeter and reaching protected assets.

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The Technological Industry Leader

HALO is working diligently to add innovative technology partners that bring the best possible add on technologies to create a fully integrated system focused on the one result of fully protecting high value waterside assets. Our systems are designed to be effective (lethal), dynamic, scalable, and fast reacting.

HALO’s TLR 8 Modular Mooring Platform forms the initial base PSB for our Integrated PSB Systems.

The TLR 8 PSB Modular Mooring Platform can be scaled to any length or size suitable to meet the need based on the geography and threat environment.

Flotation units lock together to form the platform making custom designs easier and allowing almost unlimited customization of the PSB configuration of gates and integrated sensor platforms.

Mooring options are many to match the bottom conditions, expected weather forces, and the expected threat. HALO has deployed systems with piles, chain & anchor moorings, and more. The HALO undersea engineering team has shallow harbor and deep-sea expertise to design any mooring for the most difficult requirements.

Sensors and weapons systems have a stable platform and are fully powered with reliable electrical systems. Sensors, cameras, lights, drones, UUVs, and more can be pre-positioned and moved as needed.

All HALO systems are designed for easy and safe marine gate operations. No system will be successful if it can’t be opened and closed on demand in all heavy weather conditions.

The 4 x 4m base is plenty large enough to support diving and any maintenance operations. For custom designs which need even larger platforms, 4 x 6m, 6 x 6m, and 6 x 9m sizes are ready to deploy.

Above & Below Water Active Monitoring

Key sensors that may be typically incorporated into a HALO Integrated Port Security Barrier include:

  • Diver detection sonar systems
  • Coastal/Harbor radar surveillance systems

Developing an integrated port security barrier dictates a strong base of mechanical and ocean engineering starting with the barrier system itself. Additionally, a strong systems integration background is essential to choose partners that are strong in command and control and sensor integration.