​Waterside Security Barrier Projects and Industries Served

Maritime Security Barriers Evolve from Simple Crash Barriers to Sophisticated Systems with Automated Access, Sensors and Integrated Technologies against both Surface and Subsurface Threats

HALO can provide you the most advanced engineering for sophisticated maritime security barriers based on the large number of very successful projects we have completed for the US Navy and around the world protecting high value waterside targets in the most dangerous locations. Some of the typical installation locations include:
  • Naval Bases
  • Shipyards
  • Dams and Hydro Electric Plants
  • Nuclear and Other Power Plants
  • Commercial Maritime Ports and Terminals
  • Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Security Exclusion Zones
  • Cruise Shipping Terminals
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Desalinization Plants
  • Restricted Waterways (Canals and Straits)
  • High-Profile Government Facilities
  • Special Events and Entertainment Venues

Port high value assets that should be considered for Port Security Barrier Systems include:

HALO has completed maritime security barrier systems for a variety of assets and industries. Our projects have varied from simple “line of demarcation” warning barriers around dams and other sensitive areas to the most complex retractable waterside defensive barriers that are military-grade with retractable gates designed to survive the harshest marine environments. You can design the exact barrier system you need based on the threat requirements, the environment, your life cycle cost restraints and the performance demanded. Our many years of projects completed gives our engineering team the ability to quickly and expertly help you choose exactly the right solution. For those more serious evolving threats, HALO is also now teamed with sensor and weapons system companies to provide the most sophisticated waterside maritime defensive barriers ever deployed. Our experience on these evolving integrated barrier programs will sustain our leadership as the premier defensive barrier and underwater marine engineering company in the world. You benefit from this expertise by lowering your risk that your system will do the job intended for a very long time with minimum life cycle cost.

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