Maritime Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure in the maritime environment has evolved to a global terrorism-based threat that mandates a more sophisticated response. Halo Defense Is working to provide solutions to this advanced threat.

Port security, both naval and commercial, continues to evolve in the face of the broader global terrorism threat. At Halo Defense, we are now going from providing the best Navy Port Security Barriers, the only ones tested in an operational environment, to a more integrated solution of sensors, barriers, weapons, and manned C4I systems all controlled by a multi-agency task force. Several Navy ports have these systems in place and integrated with the commercial port security infrastructure.

An attack on one of our major ports could create major economic or military damage including human casualties.

The emotional impact of such an attack could carry major implications, just as 9/11 did for air travel. The traditional port security emphasis of defending ships from attack in port is just not enough anymore. With more targets, including symbolic, the response has to be more comprehensive. Maritime security barriers must be integrated with other more sophisticated systems. Issues not previously considered must be included in the design:

  • Power carrying module capability
  • Stability of platforms for sensor systems
  • Corrosion control in a much more complex environment
  • Automation of controls from remote locations
  • Multi-agency involvement in the designs (project management complexities)

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One of the next steps is to include more agencies to the Navy and Coast Guard team and integrate the wide range of port security systems being developed. Additionally, as complex port systems like extremely technical container handling facilities evolve, commercial port security systems become even more important. The old port infrastructure was never as concentrated in one location or as difficult to replace as they are today. The need for Port Security Barriers and more complex security systems had never been higher.

The Navy Port Security Barrier manufacturers, like Halo Defense, must evolve with new and innovative designs. The systems integration envelope must be pushed with R&D projects to prove proof of concept systems capabilities. At the base of all the new development, there must also be solid ocean engineering to build systems that can be reliable year after year and offer a reasonable life-cycle-cost to be affordable in quantity.

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