Waterfront Security


Waterside security barriers provide clear lines of demarcation for safety control zones on the waterfront. Our experts will work with you to evaluate requirements, and identify barrier technologies that will have the greatest impact on your safety program.

Safety is paramount

Critical Infrastructure owners and operators have an opportunity to optimize safety through the selective use of barrier technology. Installing waterside barriers and gates can empower public and private sector safety managers to achieve the highest possible safety posture.

HALO barriers can be used to enhance safety for:

  • Port facilities
  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Transportation loading docks
  • Weapons and ammunition depots
  • Dams
  • Electrical power plants
  • Special event venues
  • Other critical infrastructure facilities on or near the water
HALO Safety Benefits
  • Control access to sensitive operational areas.
  • Provide line of demarcation for restricted areas.
  • Reduce or eliminate manned patrolling requirements.
  • Eliminate Nuisance (jet ski, recreational boater, etc) threats and possible safety accidents.

Not sure what barrier is best for you?

Six Questions To Get the Right Barrier For Your Project

Barrier Selector Tool

The unique, modular HALO barrier design is a complete, integrated safety solution.

Barriers are engineered to accommodate integration of additional enabling technologies to create a customized safety package. HALO barriers can be integrated with signage, lighting, cameras, video analytic systems, radar, sonar, anti-swimmer nets, and audible deterrent systems.