Full system preventive maintenance & repair program

​Waterside Security Barrier Maintenance and Operations Support Services

Turnkey maintenance management, repair and operations for your security barrier system for the full product lifecycle by HALO.

HALO can save you money and increase your system uptime with our comprehensive full system preventive maintenance and repair program!

Waterside security barrier systems require maintenance, even when designed by HALO using the most advanced corrosion resistant parts, simplicity of designs, and proven reliability built in. These are complex mechanical systems working in a saltwater environment subjected to a wide range of natural weather elements.

Engineering Expertise to Extend the Life of Your Barriers

HALO has the deep understanding of waterside security barriers to save you maintenance, repair and total life cycle costs even for systems we didn’t design and install. Our engineering and field maintenance team understand the right products to use for maintenance and the right periodicity for each maintenance item to minimize cost while insuring maximum uptime. Reliability must be the key factor so that your valuable resources are protected! Each maintenance project is also backed by our expert engineering team. This multi-function team can step in when there are technical questions about the maintenance program or solve tough engineering problems when there is a repair issue. Having a full service engineering team at your side 24/7 is a huge advantage in making sure your barrier system is always ready to defeat the threat.

Looking for turnkey maintenance management, repair and operations for your security barrier system?

Let’s chart a course to meet your safety and security requirements.

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Partners in Protection

Get peace-of-mind knowing each ongoing maintenance and repair project includes these support features:

  • 24/7 hotline for technical support
  • Additional training sessions for operators/maintenance personnel as required
  • Post-installation System Operational Verification Tests (SOVT) for system enhancements or modifications
  • Access to HALO web-based ticketing system for service, information, or training requests. HALO will train end users on how to request assistance.

Our warranty is strong, but your system will last much longer than the warranty period. It will need periodic preventive maintenance and repairs as it’s subjected to wear and environmental forces over time. Predicting these and knowing exactly the right procedure to follow can save you significant costs and deliver much higher reliability.

Operations Support Using the HALO Team

Because HALO is so committed to your overall success with a waterside barrier system, we also offer operations support and ongoing performance monitoring to make sure there are “no surprises” in the performance of your barrier system.

Operations Support

HALO Support ensures that actions are taken to optimize barrier performance. HALO can operate your barrier if that model is preferred. HALO will ensure that the installed features comply with security requirements and are aligned with your operational features and functions established in the Concept of Operations (CONOPS).

Performance Monitoring

Audits may be required to ensure that the barrier is optimized to mitigate relevant risks and changes made as they evolve. Policies and procedures should be regularly reviewed and updated to assure that best practices are employed, and the barrier system performance is aligned with the desired protection results.

Engineering Support Services

Our marine and ocean engineering team provide these services to meet your engineering support needs:

  • Data Collection and Environmental Monitoring
  • Mooring Design and Analysis
  • Environmental Permitting Support
  • Site Planning and Layouts
  • Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • CAE/CAD Product Development
  • Impact and Crash Analysis
  • Marine Equipment Sizing
  • In-situ Sensor Integration and Validation Studies
  • Construction Drawings and Bill of Material’s
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Fiber Optic Requirements and Communication Design
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Support
  • Prototyping, 3-D Printing and Injection Mold Design
  • Site Acceptance Test and Commissioning Support
  • Industrial Control Design
  • Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Support Services
  • Deployment and Field Testing of Marine Systems
  • Mechanical and Electrical Drawings