​Maritime Barriers

Maritime Barriers engineered to deliver the exact protection and peace of mind your facility requires.

Protection from the unaware intruder to the most serious state sponsored terrorist

Maritime barriers are designed to be waterside security devices to blockade threats that can range from the innocuous unaware intruder to the most serious state sponsored terrorist operation intent on causing an international incident.

From the US Navy to Nuclear Power to Oil & Gas Facilities—HALO has Your Assets Protected

HALO specializes in maritime barriers specifically designed for a waterborne security permitter. Customers include the US Navy to protect their nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines, international nuclear power stations, and high value oil and gas installations in the Middle East. Our modular maritime barriers can be quickly delivered with a wide range of capabilities from simple security zones to the highest level of protection with automated components for access and sensor/weapons systems integrated for the highest possible level of protection. Expertly engineered and technically advanced, you get:
  • High Quality and Performance. The only maritime barriers validated in independent, fully instrumented crash testing conducted by the US Navy
  • Low Life Cycle costs. Using our expert marine engineering team, we use materials that don’t corrode or can be easily maintained in the toughest saltwater environment
  • Flexibility. From initial acquisition through growth in deployment, our systems are designed to add capability as the threat changes or your facility security needs evolve

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More Secure than the Competition

Maritime barriers come in all forms with most companies providing what is essentially a barrel strung together by cables which can be bought “by the foot”. At HALO, we design sophisticated but low-cost systems, like our double wall Guardian Gate modules for energy absorption to full automation for vessel access inside the barrier. Our designs are significantly safer to deploy and maintain than most. Designs for the most extreme harsh weather conditions are also available.

Maritime barriers have hundreds of applications but the most common are:

  • Military installations
  • Individual high value ship protection
  • Nuclear power plants
  • LNG loading facilities
  • Oil and Gas facilities
  • Port facilities
  • Dams

Navy maritime barriers are now in use by all the major western navies for protection of high value warships. HALO is setting the standard for the performance, ease of use, and low life cycle costs of these systems.