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Security Barriers

Critical infrastructure owners and operators have a requirement to mitigate threats while facilitating operations. Security solutions must be operationally efficient and cost-effective. Our maritime security experts will work with you to develop a barrier solution that optimizes your security position.

HALO can help you find the right balance of cost and effectiveness where security investments are critical.

Public and private sector security managers, charged with protecting critical infrastructure, need security solutions that get the job done without breaking the budget. We excel in working with clients to find the optimal waterside security solution. Attacks succeed by identifying and exploiting weaknesses in defensive systems. HALO experts apply decades of experience to engineer barrier solutions that close these gaps. Naval bases, refineries, desalinization plants, power plants, chemical facilities, commercial ports, refueling/defueling stations, and cruise ship terminals can all enhance their security posture by employing barriers.

Not sure what barrier is best for you?

Six Questions To Get the Right Barrier For Your Project

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The unique, modular HALO barrier is a complete, integrated safety solution. HALO barriers can be integrated with signage, lighting, cameras, video analytic systems, radar, sonar, anti-swimmer nets, and audible deterrent systems.

HALO barrier benefits include:

  • Address threats from multiple sources including drone boat attacks, acts of piracy, suicide boat attacks, and other waterborne intrusions such as swimmer/diver threats.
  • Minimize business disruptions for facilities that operate on the water.
  • Control and prevent access by unwanted persons such as terrorists, thieves, smugglers, vandals, stowaways, and others with illegal intent.
  • Reduce or eliminate manned patrolling requirements.
  • Displace high-energy impacts and remain intact and ready for potential swarm type attacks.