Engineering For The Harshest Conditions

Subsea and Seabed Warfare Engineering

As Subsea and Seabed Warfare evolve, engineering in this harsh environment becomes more important. Halo Defense offers years of expertise in deep ocean engineering for the toughest subsea environments.

Subsea and Seabed Warfare is a far-reaching battle space involving the deployment of sensors and weapons from the ocean floor. Modern navies including the USA and its Virginia class SSN are making seabed warfare an integral part of their missions. France, Russia, and China, as a minimum, are also exploiting this evolving warfare space with ships and submarines capable of deploying weapons systems to the seabed.

Engineering Experience You Can Trust

Engineering in the unforgiving environment of the ocean or coastal seabed is a strength of Halo Defense. Our team has extensive expertise in deep water mooring systems, underwater structural engineering, and subsea system design for high reliability and low life cycle costs.

Systems which depend on sophisticated seabed ocean engineering include unmanned submersible systems, communications and sensor systems, surveillance programs, maritime security barriers, and a wide range of underwater defensive systems.

Why is subsea warfare engineering important?

Two emerging technology trends are driving the need for much more capability in subsea and seabed warfare engineering:

The explosion of unmanned systems capable of long range inertially guided navigation using sophisticated software and artificial intelligence for mission execution. Deployed from the ocean bottom, these new unmanned systems provide a powerful new weapons capability.

The ability to rapidly deploy new capabilities building off the commercial undersea capability from mining, oil and other energy industries. This includes ROVs, AUVs, and more. The Virginia Class SSN is being modified to incorporate a more sophisticated ability to deploy these systems as they are developed. The expectation is that more and more systems, both sensors and weapons, will be deployed on the seabed.

Engineering Experience You Can Trust

Employing experienced teams of engineers, site installation experts, and divers, Halo offers total system solutions, particularly where ocean mooring systems, cables, and sensors are involved. Our pre-installation surveys can employ a wide range of sensor technologies to examine the seabed, so the engineering design fulfills all the requirements to be reliable in operation. Mooring systems is a particular area of Halo expertise. Ocean engineering is a cornerstone of our capabilities.