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Our Waterside Security System’s Can Handle Any Environment.

HALO’s Marine Barriers have been tested, deployed and utilized in a variety of environments: from the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf to the frigid stormy seas of the North Atlantic. Our systems, ranging from static installations to automatic gate solutions, can provide all your access control, safety and security needs.

GUARDIAN® Retractable Defensive Barrier (RDB)

The GUARDIAN retractable defensive barrier is a military-grade maritime gate designed to survive the harshest marine environments.

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TRITON® Static Defensive Barrier (SDB)

High-visibility, heavy-duty maritime barrier designed to operate in the harshest marine environments.

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DEPLOYER® Rapidly Deployable, Retractable Defensive Barrier (RDB)

DEPLOYER is transported fully assembled, in a standard ISO shipping container, and can be rapidly deployed to protect transient assets, such as visiting military ships, cruise ships, and large motor yachts, as well as temporary protection for ports, harbors, and other valuable assets along the littoral.


ORCA® Line of Demarcation (LOD)

ORCA is highly customizable allowing end users to adapt this Line of Demarcation solution to their specific needs. The base ORCA system is comprised of interconnected floats. Lights, nets, and signage can be added to prevent unauthorized access from the waterside and a safe, clear Line of Demarcation.