Letter: Ayotte supports a strong defense

June 10, 2015 – Eagle Tribune

To the editor:

HALO Maritime Defense Systems is a Newton-based company, which builds cutting-edge maritime barriers that protect naval bases and critical infrastructure from terrorist attacks. This past month, we installed a HALO gate at an Israeli naval base, offering ease of access while also providing unparalleled security. HALO is also implementing an environmental test which could result in significant contracts with the federal government.

In addition to the hard work and intelligence of HALO’s employees, one of the reasons for our company’s success is the support we have received from Sen. Kelly Ayotte. She has highlighted the need to better protect our facilities from terrorist attacks and worked hard to include language in the National Defense Authorization Act report, approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee, requiring the Secretary of the Navy to ensure that U.S. Navy bases have the best possible protection against terrorist attacks.

Her office was also helpful in supporting the Department of Defense’s environmental test that will begin this summer. If all goes well, this environmental test could result in better security for America’s sailors and naval bases and lead to many more jobs in New Hampshire. She also helped host an event earlier this year here in New Hampshire that connected companies like HALO with federal organizations focused on protecting our country against terrorism.

Employees at HALO are thankful that we have someone like Sen. Ayotte representing our state who focuses on protecting our country and creating quality jobs in New Hampshire.

Paul Jensen
HALO Maritime Defense Systems
Newton, N.H.

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