Admiral Sam J. Locklear USN (ret.) To Join HALO Maritime Defense Systems Board Of Directors

March 15, 2018 – PR Newswire

NEWTON, N.H., March 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — HALO Maritime Defense Systems, Inc. (“HALO”), a marine engineering technology company and provider of advanced engineered solutions for the security needs of strategic maritime assets, announced today that Admiral Sam J. Locklear USN (ret.) has joined the Board of Directors.

Admiral Locklear served on active duty in the United States Navy for over 39 years, including 15 years of service as a Flag Officer, attaining the rank of Admiral. During his tenure, Admiral Locklear led at the highest levels, serving as Commander U.S. Pacific Command, Commander U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa, and Commander of NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command. In 2013 Defense News ranked him number 11 out of the 100 most influential people in global defense issues.

As Commander U.S. Pacific Command, he led U.S. military forces operating across more than half the globe. He accurately assessed the rapidly changing geopolitical environment of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, the most militarized area of the world, made significant advancements in how U.S. forces are postured for crisis or contingency, and was instrumental in addressing the growing global cyber challenges in the region. Additionally, he maintained a pragmatic and lasting relationship with China’s military and made significant progress in developing a deeper strategic security relationship with India.

As Commander U.S. Naval Forces in Europe and Africa, Admiral Locklear managed the U.S. Navy’s relationships with all key navies throughout two continents, developing key partnership capabilities and capacities. As Commander of NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command, he provided operational level command and oversight of NATO’s ongoing stability operations in Kosovo and NATO’s training mission in Iraq, and was a primary architect of NATO’s twenty-first century command structure.

He also served as the Director of the Navy Staff, and head of the Navy programming and assessment divisions where he oversaw the programming of the annual Navy budget of over $125 billion.

Locklear stated, “I am honored to join the board of HALO, which has clearly established itself as the premier provider of world-class maritime security solutions. A maritime attack on our Naval infrastructure and ships has been a demonstrated vulnerability, and HALO’s selection by the Navy as the only technically acceptable solution to address this threat demonstrates that HALO has made significant improvements over the aging legacy security barriers in use today. HALO is a very important upgrade to our security and also should substantially lower costs, creating a dual win for the U.S. Navy and its allies. HALO clearly represents the very best in technology, value and customer focused engineering.”

Admiral Dennis McGinn, HALO’s Acting Chairman, added, “Admiral Locklear brings strategic leadership and international acumen to our Board and the company. I look forward to working with him as we build on our successes and continue our global expansion.”

HALO Maritime Defense Systems (HALO) offers unique maritime sea barrier solutions to secure critical assets vulnerable to water-based attacks. In a security-conscious world, both government assets (Naval bases, ships and facilities) and commercial and private assets (ports, terminals, nuclear power plants, and oil & gas rigs) have a real, immediate, and critical need for high levels of protection. HALO Maritime Defense Systems’ NEXT GENERATION patented maritime security products offer unique solutions to difficult marine security scenarios. Installed systems demonstrate increased protection against threats, in a smaller footprint with lower competitive lifecycle costs.

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