HALO Maritime Defense Systems Exhibits Game Changing HALO Technology at NAVDEX

February 8, 2011 – Military Systems-Technology

Andover, MA: HALO Maritime Defense Systems (HMDS) today announced that it will be exhibiting its revolutionary new HALO™ Maritime Security Barrier System at Navdex 2011 in Abu Dhabi. “We want to make an impact on maritime security around the world.” said CEO Paul Jensen “we are honored to be working in the UAE and to be exhibiting at NAVDEX which we feel will provide global exposure for our products”.

Based on over a decade of research and proven technology used in the fabrication and deployment of wave attenuators, the HALO™ barrier is a completely different type of waterborne security barrier system employing advanced composite materials and designed to provide a system that is both low maintenance and ecologically friendly. “We work with nature we don’t confront it” said inventor of HALO™ and founder of HMDS Justin Bishop “HALO™ is a game changer it brings landside security capability to the water, which has never been done before”.

HALO™ is comprised of composite plastic materials that do not degrade or pollute the environment and are not susceptible to constant maintenance in the marine environment.

“A floating barrier that merely provides water level protection is insufficient, newer solutions such as the HALO™ system (www.halodefense.com) provide a barrier that extends eight feet above water level, making it impassable to small craft users. This transition from first generation boom systems towards integrated fortifications allows for a complete denial of physical entry above and below the water level.

This represents an important step forward in maritime security as it provides an eloquent solution to the threat of armed small boat attacks.” (Dr. John Gearson)
HALO™ can be utilized to protect individual ships or fleets, harbors and ports, and can be adapted to rotect shipyards, shorelines and other types of infrastructure. Attacks by boats both large and small are stopped instantly upon impact. The patent-pending and dependable catamaran structure can weather heavy seas and storms and unlike competitive floating fences and ad-hoc structures, the HALO™ system can defeat swarm attacks by multiple craft.

For additional information, contact Paul Jensen at +1-978-662-5336 or email info@halodefense.com

HALO Maritime Defense Systems (HMDS) a mechanical engineering firm based in Massachusetts has developed the most state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced Maritime Security Barrier System in the world HALO™. The company was formed to focus the efforts of its dynamic management team and provide a solution to the maritime security problem facing strategic maritime assets globally.

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