Justin Bishop Assumes New Role with HALO Maritime Defense Systems as CTO

April 1, 2008

New York, NY – HALO Maritime Defense Systems today announced that Justin Bishop will assume a new role as Chief Technology Officer.

Bishop, the inventor of HALO™ line of products, previously served as President and CEO of Elemental Innovation, Inc., a New Jersey (USA) based engineering firm dedicated to the design and implementation of environmentally friendly products.

Commenting on the CTO appointment, CEO Paul Jensen said, “The Chief Technology role at HALO Maritime Defense Systems requires a senior executive with the kind of strong leadership skills, technical background and experience, and passion for delivering value to customers that Justin displayed as the founder and driving force behind the invention of the HALO™ Maritime Security Barrier.”

“In a company that has a proud history as a technology leader and innovator, I’m looking forward to contributing to our ongoing success in delivering high-performance Maritime Security Barriers that represent leading-edge value to our customers,” said Bishop.

Mr. Bishop led the search to identify the new CEO, Paul Jensen, to concentrate more of his time on inventing new products and on engineering development activities. Mr. Bishop will continue to work full-time at HALO Maritime Defense Systems and will lead many of its critical technical and deployment initiatives.

HALO Maritime Defense Systems, formerly known as Elemental Innovation, is the world leader in Maritime Security Barriers. The HALO™ Barrier is the only true security solution for protecting valuable maritime assets such as Ports, FPSO Vessels, Naval Bases, LNG Terminals, Oil Rigs and Nuclear Reactors. The stable, catamaran structure can withstand any sea state and is impervious to the corrosive nature of the marine environment. A modular design allows complete customization of HALO™ to meet any level of threat or security concern, and also be a part of an integrated security solution. Easy to maintain and friendly to the environment, the HALO™ Barrier is the world’s leading Maritime Security Barrier.

For more information, phone at 978-662-5336 or email info@halodefense.com

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