Waterside Security, HALO’s Orion RDB

January 27, 2017 – Marina World Magazine

HALO Maritime Defense Systems (HMDS) has introduced Orion Gate, a small version of its successful Guardian Retractable Defensive Barrier.

The gate is specifically targeted at marinas and other waterfront assets where security, privacy, and controlled access are essential. “Orion meets the same high standards of quality and performance demanded by our military customers but with a size, appearance, and cost profile more suitable for a non-military asset where privacy and safety are more of a concern than an impacting speed boat,” said James Singer, HMDS managing director GCC/MENA. “Like all of our products it is customisable to the particular asset and location,” he added.

Orion, like Guardian, is an accordian style gate that has the unique ability to retract on its own axis, allowing it to open and close at the push of a button. For the first time, HMDS can offer controlled access to any water-exposed asset.

Operation of the gate is controlled by pre-programmed opening and closing modes within the gate’s operating software using touch screens. The commercial off the shelf components will display gate status, camera and/or sensor feeds. Software allows diagnostic checks and provides position, speed, and locked or open status to ensure safety and reliability.

HMDS was set up in 2008 with a mission to ‘protect vital assets by extending physical security to the waterside.’ In a security-conscious world, both government assets and commercial/private assets have a real, immediate and critical need for high levels of protection. Boasting a 15-year design life, HALO is the only barrier system in teh world to have been subjected to full and vigorous independent, fully instrumented testing by the United States Navy.

Contact HALO Maritime Defense Systems in New Hampshire, USA at info@halodefense.com.

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